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TIB AV-Portal
The TIB AV-Portal is a platform for scientific videos and open-access audiovisual learning and teaching materials. The portal offers the possibility of making videos easily accessible and quotable. Based on Creative Commons licensing, many materials on TIB AV can be downloaded and reused.
Twillo is the Lower Saxony platform for Open Education Resources in university teaching, on which a cross-state collaboration with is now taking place. Here, you will find infrastructure and support for free educational materials from various topics and subject areas. Teachers can find suitable materials on twillo or publish their own media.
„Bildschirmfoto der Spielansicht bei mit dem Text:“Create a virtual learning experience with the quality of in-person relationships. Design an online Classroom that facilitates fluid conversations and collaboration between students and educators.“ allows you to create a personalized digital space for virtual encounters. The 2D video game design can be used to create offices, conference rooms, or classrooms where people can learn and work together. We will give you an insight into the co-working space.

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When developing this offer, we tried to include you as a teacher in advance. We would therefore be delighted if you would help us to further improve our offer. Please let us know what you would like, what bothers you or what you particularly like. Would you like to contact us directly? Then write to us at!