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All Theories and Methods

Theories and methods will get you through your apprenticeship successfully. Here you will find articles that deal with getting started with the didactic and technical structure of university teaching. We will answer questions such as: How do I set up didactically good courses? What should be considered with interactive digital or hybrid courses?


Using Lego® Serious Play® at university

The iconic Lego® building bricks not only evoke positive childhood memories but can also form the basis for creative courses, co-creative curriculum development, or transformative university processes. Discover how the toys of childhood can now improve collaboration and communication at work.
Student Classmate Friends Understanding Study Concept

Effective collaboration with project-based learnin..

Project-based learning is more than just teamwork. Using this university teaching method, students can learn from the diversity of their group members and, at the same time, contribute their skills and ideas.

How to transfer Good Practices

Didactic design patterns (also known as patterns) document good practices in teaching. They are based on experience gained from teaching practice. The structured form of patterns allows tried and tested solutions to recurring problems to be described and published in an easily understandable way. As a result, they make good practices visible and offer a…

Open thinking, networking, and developing joint so..

The University’s Interdisciplinary Project Week is an established digital format for interdisciplinary collaboration beyond faculty and subject boundaries. Students learn to operate in heterogeneous teams and develop an understanding of methods from other disciplines. Their task is to develop a project idea thematically linked to the respective Science Year. The central element is the methodically…
Bräuer, Gerd (2016): Konzeptuelle Überlegungen zur Ausrichtung von Schreibzentren als Lernzentren. In: Ballweg, Sandra [Hrsg.]: Schreibberatung und Schreibförderung: Impulse aus Theorie, Empirie und Praxis. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, S.337-360.

Peer tutoring – Students support students

With the new peer-to-peer writing consultation by students for students, the Writing Center’s services are being expanded to include a particularly easily accessible format. But what exactly is the idea behind it – and how does peer tutoring complement the teaching and learning culture at TH Cologne?

Feedback in teaching

Since John Hattie’s meta-study “Visible Learning” was translated into German in 2013, one topic has become an integral part of the debate about our education system: feedback. But what is feedback and what is not?


On the virtual whiteboard Miro, you can work interactively and synchronously with your students, regardless of location. We will show you how to use the tool to combine media, collect ideas together and develop concepts.

How competence orientation succeeds in teaching

Competence-oriented teaching focuses the entire learning process on guiding students in the actual application of their knowledge. Learning Outcomes are defined in such a way that, in addition to mere subject knowledge (knowing what), its application, further development, and use (knowing how) are also integrated into the teaching. From the beginning, fair and valid assessment…

Diversity-Conscious Teaching

Diversity and its appreciation are an essential part of the university’s self-image and thus also of the teaching and learning culture at the TH Köln. We accompany you on your way to a more diversity-conscious teaching and working environment.


With PowerPoint you can do more than just create and present slides. We will show you how you can use PowerPoint as a recording tool for instructional videos with a sound card, microphone, speakers and (if necessary) a webcam without any additional equipment.


Intuitive, contemporary and student-centric, the THspaces offer individual (digital) spaces for teaching, research and projects. Find out here how you can set up and adapt your spaces for exchange and collaboration thanks to the modular structure.

Microsoft Teams

As in a virtual workspace, many teaching and learning settings can be mapped and (agile) projects managed in Microsoft Teams. Get an overview of Teams’ communication and collaboration options.
Greenscreen-Studio des Medienbüros am Standort Deutz mit Kamera und Mikrofonen

Create Educational Videos (or have them created for you)

Moving images, if put together well, can often be timeless. Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Show with the Mouse) or Löwenzahn (Dandelion) have shown that videos also work very well when teaching skills. In this guide you will find out which possibilities you have for your own educational/instructional videos and why you—in part—already have…


Zoom has a wide range of features for interactive events in digital and hybrid teaching. We will show you how to use the video conferencing tool to plan and implement digital events, broadcast presentations, share content and work collaboratively online.

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