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The digital toolbox ONCOO offers you different methods for collaborative and interactive learning. From brainstorming to evaluation, it allows you to actively involve your students in the course. We will show you how the tool works.

In a nutshell: What is ONCOO?

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ONCOO is a collection of various tools that support collaborative and interactive teaching formats. As a teacher, it allows you to actively involve students in the course and have them work together to develop learning objectives. The applications can be used from one’s smartphone or tablet, and the results can be shared on the projection screen for the whole course.

Range of Features

  • Choose from five different applications
  • Collaborative and interactive learning
  • Group work support
  • Collaborative brainstorming using mind maps
  • Course feedback


  • Seminar
  • Lecture
  • Group work
  • Exams

Step by Step

ONCOO is a web-based system that can be accessed free of charge by visiting the ONCOO website. Neither an e-mail address nor a password are required for its use.

There are five different applications:

  • Card query: This tool allows students to create cards that are collected on the projection screen. This enables collaborative brainstorming.
  • Support system: Students who have finished a task are displayed as helpers.
  • Learning duet: Here, students are guided through a learning tandem step by step.
  • Placemat: This tool supports various group work phases – from individual solutions to group discussions to presentations for the whole course.
  • Target: Quick and anonymous feedback from students is represented as a sticky dot on a target.

On the home page, you will find several options to choose from. If you want to access an already existing ONCOO, then you can use the assigned code.

ONCOO home page

To create a new ONCOO, click the yellow button. This will take you to the dashboard with the different applications. There you can select one of the five options.

Overview of methods and tools of ONCOO

With all tools, you can assign a password that protects the teacher’s view from free access. In addition, further options are available for some tools.

Target of the tool ONCOO

Links & Literature

  • Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

    The ZLE is a central academic institution. It offers all members of the university a platform for the exchange of experiences between colleagues as well as access to current teaching and learning research and scientific support. Teachers can develop, test, systematically reflect on and publish teaching concepts with the support of university and media didactics.

We appreciate your feedback!

When developing this offer, we tried to include you as a teacher in advance. We would therefore be delighted if you would help us to further improve our offer. Please let us know what you would like, what bothers you or what you particularly like. Would you like to contact us directly? Then write to us at!