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Make your online teaching more interactive and varied with H5P. Use playful elements (content types), such as Memory or interactive display models—employing a timeline or image juxtaposition—to support your students in the digital self-learning process.

In a nutshell: What is H5P?

Logo: © H5P

H5P is a plugin that can be installed on various learning and content management systems, such as ILIAS, Drupal, WordPress, or Moodle.

Range of Features

  • Quizzes composed of different question types (multiple choice, true or false question, picture matching tasks, etc.)
  • Transference of knowledge by means of digital flashcards, interactive images or videos


  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Group work
  • Exams
  • Consultation hours

Step by Step

H5P must be installed as a plugin on the desired teaching and learning platform. This would be the case for ILIAS at TH Köln (e.g., when using the Interactive Video content type (German). Instructions for this can be found at ILIAS Help and Support.

H5P does not require any special setup. Once it is installed as a plugin, you can simply use it on respective teaching and learning platforms such as ILIAS.

Structure, test, and communicate your teaching skills with H5P. First consider which H5P content type fits your teaching concept: is it about illustrating something, about learning concepts, or about recognizing connections? Depending on the focus, you can choose the appropriate content types.

H5P: practical examples

Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots let you place spots on an image that will open a new window when clicked on. In this window you can design another text field or insert a video, audio, or image file.

Picture: © H5P, Image Hotspots in H5P, Screenshot: Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

Image Sequencing

The Image Sequencing content type requires that a sequence of images be reordered.

Picture: © H5P, Image Sequencing in H5P, Screenshot: Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)


The Timeline can be used to illustrate historical developments.

Picture: © H5P, Timeline in H5P, Screenshot: Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

If you intend to make use of images, ensure that they are not protected by copyright before doing so. You can find a selection of royalty free images here.

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We appreciate your feedback!

When developing this offer, we tried to include you as a teacher in advance. We would therefore be delighted if you would help us to further improve our offer. Please let us know what you would like, what bothers you or what you particularly like. Would you like to contact us directly? Then write to us at!