Skip to content Skip to footer allows you to create a personalized digital space for virtual encounters. The 2D video game design can be used to create offices, conference rooms, or classrooms where people can learn and work together. We will give you an insight into the co-working space.

In a nutshell: What is

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– Internet connection
– Laptop, smartphone, or tablet
– Browser & App > App facilitates participation is a virtual space designed to create a more social working environment and facilitate teamwork through real-time interaction and visual presentation. In your personalized space, you move freely with your own avatar and can spontaneously start conversations with colleagues, hold meetings, and take breaks together – all from your home office. The rooms can be adapted to different requirements: In addition to offices and meeting rooms, quiet work areas and classrooms can be created that can be used for seminars or group work.

Range of Features

  • Personalized digital office spaces
  • Quick start templates for different team sizes
  • Conversations and reactions in real-time via video chat
  • Collaboration through screen sharing and whiteboards
  • Personalized avatars


  • Seminar
  • Group work
  • Tutorial
  • Consultation hours
  • Lecture
  • Exams

Step by Step

You can log in to using your browser. You will find information on the various subscription options and prices on the website. The free version can be used for groups of up to ten people.

To create a space, click the “Get started” button on the start page. In the following steps, you can choose the purpose of your space and choose between different design templates such as “Skyscraper” or “Industrial”.

Possible uses of the tool: Remote work, team social, or conference
Themed templates: Courtyard, Cozy, Industrial, or Skyscraper

Once a Space has been created, the URL can be sent as a link to participants, giving them access. The space can also be protected by a password.

Generating a URL for your own space offers various options: A group of up to ten people can use the free version. You can also choose a monthly subscription, which you can try out beforehand by signing up for a free trial month.

Good Practices

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