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Camtasia Studio offers numerous ways and options to record, edit and publish instructional videos - without additional software. We will show you the most important functions for designing your videos.

In a nutshell: What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is customized for the production of educational videos and equipped with all the tools you need for a professional finish. Create, edit, cut and publish—you don’t need any other software or expensive equipment. Record presentations as educational material or make a recording of web pages, programs, or videos. Camtasia is suitable for a range of purposes, for example:

  • demonstrating lab instructions
  • showing software and online tools with a video tutorial
  • annotating presentations and making them available online
  • explaining tasks with comments
  • commenting on video/image analyses

You can record the individual steps in Camtasia directly via the screen and explain these steps in an audio recording (typically in sync). If you want to visually support your audio comments, you can use various overlays, such as arrows or text.

The equipment required is fairly straightforward— all you need is a microphone and Camtasia as recording and editing software. The editing functions are limited to the most basic. Nevertheless, you have all the options you need to produce a screencast without having to be an expert in video post-production.

Range of Features

  • Implement screen & webcam recordings
  • Record and embed music & sound
  • Embed PowerPoint presentations & PDFs
  • Insert text, links, annotations, and other media
  • Use table of contents and search function
  • Create quizzes
  • Add transitions and effects


  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Group work
  • Training / Tutorials
  • Consultation hours
  • Exams

Step by Step

Download and install Camtasia from the TH Store (choose Windows or Mac). The installation wizard will guide you through the process, after which you can start using Camtasia straight away. If you have any questions about the download, please contact the campus IT service desk (German).

Click on the red Record button above the selection window to start a screen recording. The recorder is preset to record all screen activities.

Picture: © TechSmith, Start a recording

If you want to record only a part of your screen, set this accordingly under Choose Region. Here you can also select other input sources that you want to include in the recording: webcam, microphone and/or system audio. Click on the down arrow (Windows) or the double arrows (Mac) next to the options to select a specific microphone or webcam.

Picture: © TechSmith, Camtasia-Recorder Windows / Mac

Windows: Press Stop to end the recording. If you are not happy with the recording, choose Del to try again.

Picture: © TechSmith, Stop recording Windows

Mac: Press Stop Recording to end the recording. If you are not happy with the recording, choose Start Over to try again.

Picture: © TechSmith, Stop recording Mac


To remove unwanted segments at the beginning or end of the recording, drag the corresponding sections towards the center. This process is called trimming. If you have accidentally cut too much off, simply drag the end of the clip outwards again to restore.

Screencast: ©TechSmith “Camtasia: Trim away errors at beginning and end”

If you want to cut out sections in the middle, select the area to be removed by dragging the red or green handle of the playhead to the corresponding position. Click the Cut icon to remove the selected area. A stitched line appears where the cut was made.

Screencast: ©TechSmith “Camtasia: Cut out the error in the middle”

To add titles, annotations or effects in the recording, drag the corresponding elements from the selection window onto the timeline or canvas.

Screencast: ©TechSmith “Camtasia: Add titles, annotations, effects and more”

When you are ready to export or share your video, click on the Export button in the upper right corner of the Editor.

Picture: ©TechSmith Camtasia: Export and share

Camtasia Templates TH Köln

As a teacher at TH Köln you can download and use templates for your work with Camtasia:

Video recording of a ZLE Camtasia training session

  • Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

    The ZLE is a central academic institution. It offers all members of the university a platform for the exchange of experiences between colleagues as well as access to current teaching and learning research and scientific support. Teachers can develop, test, systematically reflect on and publish teaching concepts with the support of university and media didactics.

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