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Twillo is the Lower Saxony platform for Open Education Resources in university teaching, on which a cross-state collaboration with is now taking place. Here, you will find infrastructure and support for free educational materials from various topics and subject areas. Teachers can find suitable materials on twillo or publish their own media.

In a nutshell: What is twillo?


– Internet connection
– Laptop, smartphone, or tablet
– Browser & App > App facilitates participation

Twillo is the Lower Saxony portal for Open Educational Resources (OER for short). On the platform, you will find freely accessible and usable educational materials on various subject areas – including videos, textbooks, and exercises. You can also upload your own OER to twillo and make them available to others. The portal also offers workshops and consultation hours on the topic of OER.

Twillo is now the repository on which teachers from North Rhine-Westphalia can also publish their materials. The OER search and the legal information center can still be accessed via, but Lower Saxony and NRW are now cooperating on the technical operation to conserve resources. Twillo is used for uploading materials that are not audiovisual media, i.e., documents, presentations, and graphics. You can publish video and audio material on the TIB Hannover AV portal.

Range of Features

  • Download and use free educational materials
  • Publish and manage your own OER
  • Legal quiz to test your knowledge of teaching in conformity with the law
  • Planning aid for creating your own OER
  • Templates for easily converting teaching-learning units into OER


  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Group work
  • Teaching and research projects
  • Exams
  • Consultation hours

Step by Step

Twillo is a web-based platform that can be used free of charge. You can access it from all web-enabled devices.

If you want to search for and download material, you can do so without your own account. On the homepage, you will find a search bar and icons that filter by the most relevant subject areas.

For example, if you are interested in OER from the field of engineering, then clicking on the icon will open the pool with materials on this topic. On the left-hand side, you can narrow down your search further and filter by language, subject, or type of material.

After selecting a material, you will find all the important information about licenses and authors, as well as a description of the level for which the material can be used and which technical requirements must be met. You can now download the material using the button in the top right-hand corner.

You need an account to publish your own materials on twillo. You can create a manual account or log in via single sign-on with your campus ID.

After logging in, click on the +NEW button and then select the New Material option.

© twillo

The material can be dragged and dropped into the corresponding field. Another option is linking if the material has already been made available on another platform.

© twillo

Now describe your material in the metadata input mask and select a suitable title. After saving, the whole file is stored in your workspace. You can edit the details at any time. You can now make the material publicly accessible by clicking on the three dots on the selected tile and then clicking on Share.

© twillo

In the last step, under the Publish menu item, check the Share Publicly box and save your selection. Your material is now publicly accessible.

A detailed video tutorial on uploading material is available on twillo.

Links & Literature

  • Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

    The ZLE is a central academic institution. It offers all members of the university a platform for the exchange of experiences between colleagues as well as access to current teaching and learning research and scientific support. Teachers can develop, test, systematically reflect on and publish teaching concepts with the support of university and media didactics.

  • Ligaya Brendel

    Ligaya Brendel is a research assistant at the Center for Academic Development at TH Köln. She specializes in communication and publication.

We appreciate your feedback!

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