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With Mentimenter, students can answer questions online or vote on issues - very easily and completely anonymously. Learn in this article how to use the tool to involve students interactively and in real time in your teaching.

In a nutshell: What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter can get your students interacting in real time and allow you to interact with them. With this tool and using an internet-enabled device, participants anywhere can, for example, respond to questions, take part in quizzes, or create word clouds together. The goal is to generate active participation, receive direct feedback, and have more fun in online courses.

Range of Features

  • Collect keywords (word cloud)
  • Collect questions
  • Create quizzes
  • Conduct polls/surveys


  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Group work
  • Exams
  • Consultation hours

Step by Step

Video: “Create Surveys – Mentimeter Tutorial”, YouTube, © Digiteach Academy – Digitales Lernen
  • Use Mentimeter for free or opt for one of the paid versions.
  • The free version provides:
    • two surveys
    • five quiz questions
    • unlimited number of text slides
  • The paid Basic version for teachers additionally offers:
    • unlimited quiz questions
    • the ability to import presentations
    • the ability to export results to Excel
  • Other paid versions offer further features.
  • Introductory video: select the question mark at the top right to watch a short introduction video.
  • Click + New presentation to create a new presentation.
Picture: © Mentimeter, Homepage Mentimeter, Screenshot Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)
  • Select the slide type you require to interact with your students, for example:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Word Cloud
    • Bullets
  • After selecting the slide type, the Content panel changes so that you can edit the content for the slide.
  • Once you have finished compiling your presentation, you can present it by clicking the Present button in the top right-hand corner.
Picture: © Mentimeter, Type & Content in Mentimeter, Screenshot Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)
  • A link and a code will direct your students to the presentation.
  • Note: each presentation has its own code.
  • Include an Instructions slide in your presentation to show all the important information at a glance.
  • Once the participants have this information, they can take part in the survey, either through the website or by using the QR code.
  • The results are displayed in real time in your presentation.
Picture: © Mentimeter, Present in Mentimeter, Screenshot Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

Practical examples & good practices

  • Zentrum für Lehrentwicklung (ZLE)

    The ZLE is a central academic institution. It offers all members of the university a platform for the exchange of experiences between colleagues as well as access to current teaching and learning research and scientific support. Teachers can develop, test, systematically reflect on and publish teaching concepts with the support of university and media didactics.

We appreciate your feedback!

When developing this offer, we tried to include you as a teacher in advance. We would therefore be delighted if you would help us to further improve our offer. Please let us know what you would like, what bothers you or what you particularly like. Would you like to contact us directly? Then write to us at!