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TH Cologne offers its students and employees their own access to a Large Language Model: The THKI GPT-Lab. Based on an API interface, lecturers, academic staff, students and administrative staff can send requests to ChatGPT – free of charge and in compliance with data protection regulations.
Artificial intelligence is already a factor at many universities. With the vast number of applications, teachers can quickly become overwhelmed. In addition, it is often not clear how good individual applications actually are. We present a selection of AI tools for various areas of application at the university.
„Bildschirmfoto der Spielansicht bei mit dem Text:“Create a virtual learning experience with the quality of in-person relationships. Design an online Classroom that facilitates fluid conversations and collaboration between students and educators.“ allows you to create a personalized digital space for virtual encounters. The 2D video game design can be used to create offices, conference rooms, or classrooms where people can learn and work together. We will give you an insight into the co-working space.
Bildschirmfoto der Anwendung PINGO. Eine Umfrage wurde gestellt und die Teilnehmeranzahl sowie Anzahl der gewählten Antwortmöglichkeiten ist sichtbar.
Have your students submit feedback or answer questions immediately. The real-time feedback system PINGO allows you to actively involve students in your course. We will show you how to use the tool.
Bildschirmfoto der Startseite von Oncoo mit den Möglichkeiten:, „Code eingeben, um ein existierendes Oncoo aufzurufen“, „Als Lehrer*in oder Lehrer aufrufen“, „Als Schülerin oder Schüler teilnehmen“ oder „Mehr erfahren oder ein neues Oncoo zu erstellen“.
The digital toolbox ONCOO offers you different methods for collaborative and interactive learning. From brainstorming to evaluation, it allows you to actively involve your students in the course. We will show you how the tool works.
Bildschirmfoto einer ausführlich angelegten Pinnwand von TaskCards. Verschiedene Elemente wie Texte, Bilder, Videos, Kontaktkarten, Videokonferenzen und Links sind auf den Karten und nach Oberbegriffen sortiert  hinterlegt.
How do I provide well-structured learning materials, and how can I organize them digitally so that students can quickly find their way around? Help is provided by the online platform TaskCards, which can be used to sort and clearly display learning content, information, or deadlines.
Bildschirmfoto der Startseite von ILU.
ILU – ILIAS Learning Environment
ILU stands for ILIAS learning environment and is the central learning management system of TH Cologne. ILU offers numerous functions for learning support and interactive learning, communication, and collaboration. Faculty or institution-internal digital teaching expert teams (DLE teams) advise and support the technical and didactic development of digital teaching in ILU and form the interface…
Bildschirmfoto. Zwei geöffnete Tonaufnahmen im Audioschnittprogram Audacity.
Podcasts (digital audio files) are becoming increasingly popular, and they can also be integrated effectively into teaching. Their narrative elements convey knowledge in a memorable and varied way. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace by fast-forwarding and rewinding sequences.
Bildschirmfoto der verschiedenen Vorlagen für ein Padlet: „Wand“, „Leindwand“, „Liste“, „Storyboard“, „Regal“, „Unterhaltung“, „Karte“, „Timeline“.
Padlet is a collaborative web platform that allows you collect information from various sources. With Padlet, students participate actively by sharing notes, links, images, and videos—collaborative work becomes child’s play. Learn how you can use the tool to involve students more, but also how you can use Padlet for your own work organization.

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