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All articles (Teaching strategy)

The teaching strategy of the TH Köln is the basis for the further development of studies and teaching. It helps to meet the highest professional and didactic standards, to promote academic success and to offer courses that are suitable for a diverse society. Help shape the model for good teaching by finding out more here.

Diversity-Conscious Teaching

Diversity and its appreciation are an essential part of the university’s self-image and thus also of the teaching and learning culture at the TH Köln. We accompany you on your way to a more diversity-conscious teaching and working environment.
Schmuckbild: Eine Person sitzt am Laptop, zu sehen sind nur die tippenden Hände. Grafische Symbole der Barrierefreiheit kommen aus dem Laptop hervor.

Accessible teaching

Accessibility improves your teaching! This fact is often forgotten because the focus is on the presumed additional expense. Besides, there do not seem to be any students affected in your course anyway – so the topic cannot be that important. In fact, you can create accessible conditions more easily than you might think. This will…

Gender diversity in university teaching

As a teacher, how can I create a teaching and learning space where everyone feels comfortable? There is certainly no universal solution to this problem. However, engaging with diverse identities and one’s own stereotypes can dismantle discriminatory structures and unconscious preconceptions. In the following article, you will learn how to ensure gender-sensitive teaching.

AI 101 – An introduction to the world of artificial intelligence

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence and its applications. We are currently in a phase of exploration. Despite a critical attitude towards AI technologies, they can fuel innovation and open up new scope for action to promote sustainable development as well as social transformation together with students and practice partners. Let’s try to clarify the…

Why you should still write yourself at university

Artificial intelligence means that previous teaching and examination methods as well as competence expectations at universities need to be renegotiated. Why should students even bother with a laborious writing process when the AI can generate texts on command? We shed light on writing at universities as a learning object and tool for thinking and demonstrate…

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