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How to transfer Good Practices
Didactic design patterns (also known as patterns) document good practices in teaching. They are based on experience gained from teaching practice. The structured form of patterns allows tried and tested solutions to recurring problems to be described and published in an easily understandable way. As a result, they make good practices visible and offer a…
Diversity-Conscious Teaching
Diversity and its appreciation are an essential part of the university’s self-image and thus also of the teaching and learning culture at the TH Köln. We accompany you on your way to a more diversity-conscious teaching and working environment.
How competence orientation succeeds in teaching
Competence-oriented teaching focuses the entire learning process on guiding students in the actual application of their knowledge. Learning Outcomes are defined in such a way that, in addition to mere subject knowledge (knowing what), its application, further development, and use (knowing how) are also integrated into the teaching. From the beginning, fair and valid assessment…

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