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Using Lego® Serious Play® at university
The iconic Lego® building bricks not only evoke positive childhood memories but can also form the basis for creative courses, co-creative curriculum development, or transformative university processes. Discover how the toys of childhood can now improve collaboration and communication at work.
Flipped Classroom
Teaching basic knowledge and still working intensively with students? Flipped Classroom makes it possible. Students work through material individually and independently at home so that you, as the teacher, can use the classroom time for repetition, practice, and application of acquired knowledge.
On the virtual whiteboard Miro, you can work interactively and synchronously with your students, regardless of location. We will show you how to use the tool to combine media, collect ideas together and develop concepts.

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When developing this offer, we tried to include you as a teacher in advance. We would therefore be delighted if you would help us to further improve our offer. Please let us know what you would like, what bothers you or what you particularly like. Would you like to contact us directly? Then write to us at!